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Beets. For some reason I’ve suddenly developed an affinity for this food I don’t know whether to call a vegetable or a fruit. Assuming a vegetable, because they’re not really good enough to be called a fruit.

So why a picture of beets? Because for the last 2 months I’ve made my own sushi. First, because I loved the taste of fresh organic avocado, with mango, cilantro, & salmon. Then, because I could not stand long enough to juice, to cook, to do anything that kept me on my feet for more than a few minutes. So sushi it was.

The mysterious “episodes” that started last year, had progressed to the point that standing, walking, and even just talking were difficult. Numbness & pain on my left side had become my new normal. But yesterday, for 5 whole hours, I felt like me again. Everything was good. So good, that the past months seemed like a dream. I told myself I’d imagined it all. I was getting better. It was all just a fluke, just one of life’s weird flukes….

Dragging the TV into the kitchen, I watched cheesy Hallmark movies, & spent hours cooking two huge pots of beef & vegetable soup. And then, when I was done, I tried to take pictures of the beets that had been in my fridge for the last 3 weeks.

Food photography just does not come naturally to me. Twenty shots in I took the utensils & the fruit basket off the counter. Another 10 shots later, I cleared the rest of the counter off. My brick-patterned linoleum (aka: terrifying) kitchen floor was full of utensil holders & a toaster oven just so I could get a picture. And I had the BEST time.

A few hours later as I sat on the couch to rest, “it”, whatever “it” is, stuck again. I limped to bed trying to reconcile my two realities–tears from the pain & tears that, for the first time in weeks, I’d felt like the old me.

Life is so short. This body is being rented. It doesn’t need to last or even run well for me to live well. He is for me. He is FOR me. So much goodness & growth has come from this mess. Sure it’s been more than ugly at times…but He’s here. I feel Him HERE. In the midst of it all, carrying me. And, dare I say, having fun with me as I get excited over something as silly as beets.

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